Finding Your Voice Book Review

Finding Your Voice by Natalie Grant takes the readers into her world as a professional singer with the intent of helping women use their voice, the most powerful instrument for a singer, for God. In order to glorify God with voice, Natalie Grant uses examples from her own life as well as references to popular stories in the Bible to help women grow in their faith in order to use their voice. In order to help women grow, it is important to believe that it is possible to do anything. God can work miracles. It is important though to have good health, focus on God, and not to let brokenness describe a life. During all of this, readers will have the information to work on finding a song of faith and hope in their lives.

Over all, Finding Your Voice was an interesting read. At times, the message is a little difficult to understand because Natalie Grant constantly refers to her career as a professional singer, which is not going to be the career for many of the readers. Therefore, the chapters got to be long. However, if music and singing are a passion, then this book is for you.

BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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