Are We There Yet? Book Review

Are We There Yet? By Michael Allen begins with the chaos that leads to the end of the world. People are dying. There is no food. Something needed to be done. A leader named Romanoff has been chosen to help. Things were not getting better though. Drought led to a loss of crops and famine.  Freshwater was ruined as a poisoned meteor (Wormwood) fell in. Locusts stung humans repeatedly and though these people wanted to die, they couldn’t. Romanoff died of a serious head wound but then later came back to life. He declared himself God and required people to get a mark on either their hand or forehead or else suffer the consequences. He also killed two people that were witnesses for God. After a few days though, the two witnesses went to Heaven. In the end, the people that were faithful to God went to spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus.

This book got to be a little long and difficult to read. While it focuses on the fascinating subject of the end of times, it is trying to be a novel when really it is a rewrite of the Book of Revelations. In fact, it seemed that chapters at a time were quoted in the book. There are only about two characters in this story and they only appear in the book a few times. The message is very clear though and gives a very important warning: Give your heart to the Lord or else spend eternity in hell. One must remain faithful during all trying times because the end of the world is coming.

BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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