Believe: Proof that God is Real Book Review

Ralph Crawford, the author of Believe: Proof That God is Real, is out to prove with evidence that God is real and that the Bible is real. He begins by explaining the miracle of the creation of the world with detailed science and then continues with the creation of man and the miracles of the human body. These miracles are only possible through God. After that, there is a history of the Bible and its validity. Next, Crawford talks about some big sins of political leaders in the United States and national disasters that occurred usually the next day. Finally, he mentions many miracles that can only be from God.

Crawford was out to show evidence that God is real and he did provide many inspiring examples and miracles that are intended to make all non-believers and believers think about the truth. However, these miracles were mentioned in the last few chapters of the book. The beginning chapters were devoted to creation of the universe and mankind and because of that, it was basically like reading a science textbook. It was all very difficult to read and then to understand and process, despite the importance of showing evidence of God. These chapters were very boring. I would only recommend this book to scientists because of that.

I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers for advanced reading.


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