Teacher Irritation

I was so irritable today. There are probably a multitude of factors that contributed as well. My throat has been hurting slightly and I got very little sleep last night (possibly a fever?). Then, there is the joy of my medication changing. On top of that, there is having to go to work when I do not enjoy my job. Then, it was my day for noon lunch/recess duty (a very unpleasant experience) and I had to change my ortho appointment to even later this month.

Of course, my irritation got taken out on my students. Sometimes, I actually feel bad but then I realize that sometimes, they just do not think and they need some direction. Take all of today for example. I had a third grader that could not get 7-7. He struggles with subtraction but he also never puts forth much effort. Then, there is the nonstop arguing that I get from my individual students at every recess over the most ridiculous things. I try not to get involved very often. At larger schools, a teacher cannot get involved in every single game. My students need to work on problem-solving. However, the arguing just goes on and on. After that, there were the naughty kids from another class that I had to deal with at lunch time and every week.

When I think of these problematic students (both current and future) it makes me all the more eager to quit teaching. Adults are just as bad but at least I am not totally responsible for someone’s education, safety, and behavior. There is a lot of pressure for teachers. People are quick to blame but they never bother to try to understand what it is like. And the students don’t necessarily make it any easier.


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