Only in This Town

It seems like in this town, life is just supposed to be difficult. That is odd because you would think because would be looking out for each other.

To begin, I have had a bunch of essential errands to do this week and in this town, that is extremely difficult to do. I went to the courthouse to deal with the title of my car at lunch time and found that it was closed for the whole morning due to a funeral. I guess it is great that everyone cared about the deceased but it certainly did not help me. I had to go back that afternoon during my thirty minute break and almost did not make it back in time because I got stuck behind a guy that was licensing about ten vehicles (no joke).

That same day, I needed to go to the bank. The bank is only open until four on weekdays and closed on weekends. As a teacher, I am to stay until four every day except Friday. I was hoping to make it Friday afternoon and that is when a teacher decided that she just needed to talk to another teacher and me, despite me telling her I needed to get to the bank. It seems like when you are in a hurry, people move slower (like at the courthouse). The teacher repeated her idea about ten times (again, no lie). Somehow, I managed to make it with a couple of minutes to spare.

I was also hoping to make it to the post office that afternoon but I did not realize that it closes at three everyday. At least the post office is open for about an hour on Saturday so at least that worked out.

The library also has really bad hours but I realized that right after I moved here. They are only open four days a week and only for a couple of hours. The times vary to accomodate everyone (sort of).

Only in a town this small could businesses not be open during convient hours. It is like they are out to serve only those that are retired because the working people can’t make it. People’s attitudes are also very different.

The other day, my class and another class were out at recess when these two homeschooled boys showed up. These boys became homeschooled last fall and had been told that they could not come for recess. I told the other teacher (who also happens to be my friend) and she did not seem to care. Sure, these boys need to work on their social skills and they were not hurting anything. But if you make an exception, you suddenly have to let the whole town play during the day. And that is when safety becomes an issue.

Only in a small town like this do people look at life differently. It is not the life for me but I still do not know what life is right for me.



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