When God Isn’t There by David Bowden

All Christians want more of God but there are times when He feels very distant. In When God Isn’t There by David Bowden, he gives many reasons about how God is always there but not as close as people desire. God works on His own time and His people need to be patient. God is really there and has put His seal on all as a reminder. Often, people expect to find God only at church. God is not trapped in a church building. Church is about bringing God glory and not about how everyone feels after an enlightening service. God came as Jesus to the earth so that He would always be present. He is always there, present and working.

The message in this book is very clear: God is there but distance is good. It is through suffering and searching for Him that enable people to draw near to Him. At times, the main idea of this book may seem a little cruel; that God is far because of what people on earth make God out to be. For example, sin distances one from God. Also, making contemporary church services all about us rather than about God’s glory. However, God has torn the veil that separated all from Him. And one day, He will come back so that every one of His people may dwell with Him on the new earth.

I received a free copy of this book from http://www.booklookbloggers.com/. The ideas are all my own.


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