Who Cares?

I really don’t care. I am basically going through the motions of life and carrying out expectations but I don’t want to. I go to work every day but I don’t want to be there. I teach my students but I don’t want to. Inside me there is this loud voice saying that I don’t belong there. I don’t belong at home either. At home, I am alone. Every night, I pretend that I am a great writer and either write my own fiction or attempt to get freelancing jobs. I try to do life but it really isn’t working out anymore.

I see no point in continuing. Nobody cares. The people in my life wouldn’t miss me. In fact, they would probably get more enjoyment because it would be a great gossip story. They don’t care. Why should I care? There is little happiness in my world. The future seems pretty bleak too. There really is no point.


7 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. I’m sorry – depressed Christian – It’s tough to see hope when you are so low but as one who’s been there – hang on – just hold on – sometimes it not about getting past it but simply surviving – praying for you now

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  2. I know exactly how you feel, I am feeling quite the same way right now. I don’t want to go to work, I feel isolated at home. Nothing seems to fit. People would miss you. Try reading the book “How To be Happy, Damnit!” Yes, it’s a real book and it helps me out of these places.

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