I have mentioned that my ‘friend’ is bossy and is always telling me her opinion. In counseling, I have been learning to focus on myself. As selfish as that sounds, it is important to pay attention to my needs and not let others control me. Even though she still likes to tell me what to do, I make the decision about whether or not to do it and how I will feel based on my decision.

I have made it no secret though that there has been some distance between my ‘friend’ and me lately which has caused me to feel very alone. It came to my attention this morning that unintentionally, I have been letting her control me even when she is not there. I am letting resentment and anger about our relationship consume me which makes my lonely nights and weekends even worse.

As lonely as I am, I know that the right thing for me to do is to completely let go. I need to stop thinking about her and how we are not friends. That is not going to help with the loneliness but I have got to stop her from controlling my thoughts and feelings.


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