Helping or Enabling

There is this large family I know that struggles financially. I understand what that is like because I grew up in a large family too. My mom stayed home in order to not have to pay for a daycare. That meant that we were living off what my dad made as a poor farmer. People were very kind to us. Sometimes, people gave us their old clothes. And even though times were tough, my mom still volunteered with field trips and at church.

Even though I understand what it is like to have a large family and little money, I still feel like I am enabling this family whenever I help them. I have given them clothes before and am currently trying to help them with another issue (I do not give money though). I did some investigating and found that the family has Netflix. Every one of the kids has a tablet that came from Grandma for Christmas.

There are times when I feel like they need the help and then there are the times when I feel like I am only enabling them. Then, I begin to feel really bad. As a Christian, I know that it is my duty to help. Plus, it is not really the kids’ fault at this time. However, they are learning from their parents. And even with the information I learned from my investigations, I know that I do not know everything about this family and should therefore make no judgments. I am just at a loss about what I should do and how I should feel in this kind of situation.


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