Blood Money

The other night I got offered a freelance writing job. When I first started doing freelance, I seemed to get tons of job offers and I had to really work hard to get all the assignments in on time. Now, the jobs come every once in awhile, when I honestly don’t expect it.

This new job seemed rather odd to me. I was first given a picture of the assignment directions. Then, I was given an example of the assignment and then a list of short videos I needed to watch to complete the assignment. Mostly I write reviews, blogs, and articles so this assignment seemed very different. Most of the time, I never learn where my writing will be used. I always try to imagine it though. And this time, the picture I was getting was for school. I had the suspicion that I was doing someone’s homework.

Another assignment was given to me last night.  Again, I got the same resources to complete the project. Only this time, I was even more positive that I was doing someone’s homework. In fact, based on the project, I am doing someone’s speech homework.

I graduated valedictorian in high school and Summa cum Laude in college. I had to work extremely hard. In college, I also worked and had to get classroom observation hours. Time was very precious to me. Yet I still had to do all the work. Even though I am not certain I am doing someone’s work, it is still wrong if I am.

I give the money I earn from writing to a Christian group that funds mission trips. To earn money for doing wrong and then give it to the church just isn’t right. In my mind, it is like the money that was given for Jesus’ death. That money could not be used for the church so instead it was used to buy a graveyard. I feel like I am earning blood money here.

Cheaters never prosper and this guy won’t either. Since I am doing the work, my personal opinion has been inserted into what has been written. I have watched the videos that would have made this guy a better speaker. I would just love it if this guy had to have a discussion in class about the videos. In the end, his cheating will pay (and not just me).


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