The Berenstain Bears Bless Our Pets Review

In The Berenstain Bears Bless Our Pets, by Mike Berenstain, all of Bear Country’s pets are invited to church to be blessed. The Bear family takes their dog, cat, fish, and bird to be blessed. At first, everything is going all right. Then, a dog scares one of the cats which starts a chain reaction among all the other animals. In the end, God calms the animals through the preacher and the animals are able to be blessed since they are a gift from God.

I definitely recommend this book for all children. The plot is very interesting since it deals with animals, which most kids love. There are also some funny parts of the story like when it talks about some of the animals the kids bring and also when all of the pets go crazy. The glossy pictures of the animals, as well as the Bear family, are very entertaining and help tell the story. The spiritual message is very clear as well: God created all creatures and we need to thank Him for the gift of pets. This book is a must-read for all fans of The Berenstain Bears.

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers to review. All ideas are mine.


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