Should I Tell?

Now that I am officially done with teaching forever and have moved out of my apartment, it means that I will no longer see my close friends. These friends have been there for me in my darkest moments. I am really going to miss them. We did not agree on everything, but they were a big help with all my mental problems.

Before I left, they told me I need to tell someone that I suffer from depression, ‘just in case’. I am not exactly sure what they mean by that. Besides, it really is no one’s business. The only reason my friends know is because they found out by accident.

They think I should tell my aunt and uncle. I lived with them for three years while I lived in the city and worked at the amusement park. I am in the city again (with the hopes of finding a job here) and working at the amusement park but I no longer live with my aunt and uncle. My friends think that I should use this time to tell them. In fact, they were planning on driving seven hours to help me tell them but my counselor said that this is something that I need to do on my own.

I just can’t tell them. Again, it really is no one’s business. Besides, not everyone is going to understand like my friends did. I would freak out if I knew that someone is a cutter and has had thoughts of suicide. I would think it is weird that someone has no control over pulling out her eyebrows. I know that I am not crazy, but not everyone will agree. And really, what do I expect my aunt and uncle to do if they know?


The Berenstain Bears 5-Minute Inspirational Stories

I grew up reading all of the Berenstain Bear books. It is so great that more books are still being written; this time with a focus on God. The Berenstain Bears 5-Minute Inspirational Stories by Stan and Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain contains twelve books that teach different important Christian lessons. In this book, the bears learn lessons about the importance of praying (Say Their Prayers), accepting people that are different (Love Their Neighbors), helping people in times of need (Get Involved), and standing up for yourself even in difficult times (Gift of Courage), just to name a few.

I definitely recommend this book to all young children. With twelve stories, this book will keep kids busy reading about the loveable bears. The messages in each story are very clear and cover topics such as praying, loving others, forgiveness, helping, and standing up for yourself. The characters make several references to the Bible by reciting different verses that relate to the messages and then give explanations about what each of the verses mean. This is a must-read for all young Christians. They will absolutely fall in love with the pictures and the interesting plots.

I received this book free from Book Look Lovers. All ideas are mine.


I got an exciting email this morning that totally made my day. The email said that one of the manuscripts I sent to a publisher was being considered and that I needed to set up a time to call them. I made the appointment for this afternoon and was so excited and nervous. I had no idea what to expect.

Then, right at the time I needed to make the call, I got an email saying that the appointment had been canceled and that my book was no longer being considered.

I feel very upset and angry right now. I know it just wasn’t part of God’s plans but to be so close and have that taken away from you really hurts. The only way I really know how to respond to these kind of feelings is by cutting. However, I know that is the wrong response.

Why does life have to be so hard and cruel?