Should I Tell?

Now that I am officially done with teaching forever and have moved out of my apartment, it means that I will no longer see my close friends. These friends have been there for me in my darkest moments. I am really going to miss them. We did not agree on everything, but they were a big help with all my mental problems.

Before I left, they told me I need to tell someone that I suffer from depression, ‘just in case’. I am not exactly sure what they mean by that. Besides, it really is no one’s business. The only reason my friends know is because they found out by accident.

They think I should tell my aunt and uncle. I lived with them for three years while I lived in the city and worked at the amusement park. I am in the city again (with the hopes of finding a job here) and working at the amusement park but I no longer live with my aunt and uncle. My friends think that I should use this time to tell them. In fact, they were planning on driving seven hours to help me tell them but my counselor said that this is something that I need to do on my own.

I just can’t tell them. Again, it really is no one’s business. Besides, not everyone is going to understand like my friends did. I would freak out if I knew that someone is a cutter and has had thoughts of suicide. I would think it is weird that someone has no control over pulling out her eyebrows. I know that I am not crazy, but not everyone will agree. And really, what do I expect my aunt and uncle to do if they know?


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