Why Don’t You Smile?

I am in my favorite city working at the amusement park, which I absolutely love, and I am extremely unhappy. I cannot believe that depression would decide to hit during my favorite time of the year. I guess that is what happens after I quit my job with no other job prospects.

The one thing that really annoys me the most, however, is the number of people that tell me to smile. I do smile. I don’t walk around 24 hours a day smiling for no reason though. And I might smile because someone tells me to, but it is not a genuine smile.

People also don’t understand that right now, I am wearing retainers because I just got my braces off. I am not self-conscious. However, they do make smiling a little awkward. When I try to explain that to people, though, they don’t understand.

I was told the other day that it takes three muscles to smile and forty-some muscles to frown. At least I am going to have really strong facial muscles because there is not much in my life worth smiling for at the moment.


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