New Job

My life has been a mess lately. This summer has literally been a disaster and due to all of that, my writing (both my blog and my fiction writing) have been pushed aside. I will try to catch everyone up with my life as I attempt to understand my life and try to put it back together.

I guess the big thing that has happened in my life recently is that I got a job. After applying for over 200 jobs on Indeed, turning down some interviews because I was still teaching this spring, attending a few interviews this summer and getting rejected, I finally found a job. And brace yourselves; it is a teaching job.

I know that I gave teaching up last spring. I had honestly had it with the small town and with my students (even though they were good kids). Three years of teaching was good enough for me.

However, I struggled to find a job. Like I said, I applied for over 200 jobs on Indeed and got very little feedback. In fact, I attended some interviews where they never called me back. I even attended an interview that lasted five minutes. With all the frustration there, I decided to apply to some schools.

I actually had a couple of interviews at schools before I finally got a job in my home state in a large city (not the same city as the amusement park) at a Christian school. Maybe being in a large city will change my opinion of teaching. I actually am pretty excited.


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