I Told

This is another catch up article. This event happened a couple of weeks ago but I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write.

My friends are the only people that know that I suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD, and trichotillomania. They found out completely by accident a couple of years ago. They have been pretty supportive and helpful during my low periods.

Now that I have moved away though, they encouraged me to tell someone. They decided since I did not feel comfortable telling my parents (my mom would probably tell everyone) that I should tell the aunt and uncle I used to live with during the summer. After all, they are like second parents to me.

I did not understand why anybody needed to know. After all, my friends only found out on accident. But I told my friends that I would attempt to tell them sometime.

Finally, the time came. They saw my fidget spinner and started playing with it. I explained that it was for trichotillomania. Then, I said that I suffer from anxiety and depression. I completely forgot about OCD. Surprisingly, they were very supportive and agreed not to tell my parents. They told me about someone in their family that had depression and were ok with me taking medication and seeing someone.

I immediately told my friends when I finished telling my aunt and uncle and they were very happy for me. It is just one of the many big events that I have experienced this summer where I have had to face my fears.


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