Church Recovery Group

The other night, I went to a church recovery group. I have been feeling depressed and dealing with my OCD compulsions as well as engaging in cutting and I just had had enough. My new counselor in this town had mentioned the group so I decided to give it a try.

I have never been to an AA meeting but I have a feeling that this meeting was based on the AA format. We began by listening to the testimony of one of the members and then we broke off into male and female groups where we all shared our struggles and then we talked.

Some of the people were addicts and some people were struggling with sin. I found it interesting that people struggling with what I consider minor sin would come. But in God’s eyes, all sin is equal.

Even though I did not talk, I left a changed person. We were given a chip to celebrate our recovery. And I am going to try very hard not to cut again so that I can get the next chip.


3 thoughts on “Church Recovery Group

  1. That takes courage to walk into a recovery group for the first time! It took me weeks before I spoke at the one I attend. I had a love/hate relationship with the group for a long time. It challenged and scared me so much that I wanted to leave, and yet I was so drawn to the people and what the group offered that I couldn’t. Now they can’t get me to stop talking! God’s smile is upon you today. Blessings on your journey to healing and wholeness. I am cheering you on.

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