I Broke My Contract

It has been awhile since I last posted. A lot has been going on. The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I wanted to break my teaching contract. I got the courage to go to the principal and asked if it would be a possibility. She said it would be as soon as they found a replacement for me. The plan was to be done at Christmas time.

Last week, they still did not have a replacement and I was told I would have to come back after Christmas if they didn’t find anyone. They did manage to find someone at the end of the week but it was still not official. I had to wait for a call from the principal before I could say that I was officially done.

The call came today. I know I should be happy about being done but it is still hard knowing that I gave up a good job because I could not handle it.


Brave Girls: Confidential Review

Join Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor in Brave Girls: Confidential by Travis Thrasher at their sleepover as they tell stories about past events in which they learn about faith, friendship, and other life lessons. These five girls call themselves the Brave Girls because they are brave when it comes to trying new things and asking others for help. This book includes many different stories involving each Brave Girl. The stories include lessons on friendship, being yourself, worry, family, and bravery along with staying faithful to God and to each other. Faith can be exciting when it comes to reading about each Brave Girl.

            I highly recommend this book for all young girls. This book has great colorful pictures on every page and teaches important lessons in each story about one of the Brave Girls. Each story has a message that shows how each girl stays true to God and to their friends.   

I got this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.