Animals’ Right to Life

On Friday, my friend’s cat was hit by a vehicle. The cat’s body was fine but it had been hit in the face and could not eat. I was there yesterday when the vet arrived. The vet said that the cat had a broken jaw that would need to be fixed by surgery which she could not do around here. My friend decided that it would be better to put the cat down because he would not have a very good life. The vet then made a statement about how we have to think about what pets are to us. Are we keeping them around for us or for them?

I was very upset by this news and by that statement. If I could have pets in my apartment, I would have taken the cat and found someone who could do the surgery. Because to me, that cat has a right to life, just like a human. We don’t put old people down because parts of them don’t work right. The same should go for animals.

Suicide and murder are wrong for humans, so why is it ok to take a pet’s life? Who are we to decide when life is over for anything, including animals?