Is ADHD an Excuse?

As a teacher, it can be difficult teaching a student that has ADHD that is not taking medication. When they are unfocused or getting in trouble constantly, you feel like no other child is getting attention because you are too busy dealing with the one kid. I know some people are very against medicating kids. You can easily tell the ones that need it though.

I am not out to talk about the kids though. I want to talk about adults with ADHD. To me, ADHD is similar to depression and similar disorders. Anyone with these disorders has to find a way to deal with the struggles while trying to function in society. It is not easy. When my depression has me feeling down, it is hard to go about basic life and do simple things like brushing my teeth, washing dishes, or getting out of bed. Work is nearly impossible but I still somehow manage. (I know for some people though, it can be so severe that disability is needed; that is not everyone though).

I do not believe that ADHD should be an excuse for most adults either. Coping mechanisms need to be established so that they can contribute to society. I do not believe that it is an excuse to not take care of your children or to not pay bills or any of the other things that adults are expected to do.

If we all dig deep enough, we could all probably find excuses that could be used to stop us from participating in the real world. But then, there would be no society. As an adult, the excuses need to stop. It is time to grow up and be a responsible citizen. Sure, any disorder can slow a person temporarily or lead to mistakes. But it is only a small thing. In the end, we are expected to take care of ourselves.


So Far Behind

It feels like forever ago when I was last able to write. My life has been so crazy lately that I do not even have a chance to sit down and relax. And maybe that is my fault. Maybe I am taking on too much.

On Tuesday, I had to go to some conference. i really did not want to go but my friend talked me into it. That was before I decided that I could tell her no. But that meant leaving Monday night and getting back Tuesday evening. The worst thing about being a teacher is that taking a day off is actually more work that actually being there. So I did something I rarely do and got up early Wednesday morning to go to work with the intention of getting something done. And then I went in early on Thursday and Friday because it seemed no matter how hard I worked, I always was behind. I have never been so disorganized or behind in all of the time I have been teaching.

To make my life a little more complicated, I took on a difficult freelance job. I have had to write numerous articles and every one of them has required research. Then, I have had to write anywhere between 1,500 words to 2,500 words. Those articles do not go very fast. The thing that keeps me going though is knowing that the money is going to God.

Because of my crazy life, I was unable to go to the volleyball game on Thursday. This game was the game before state or something like that. I actually did not want to go because I am not a sports person. However, my friend was going and that is why I wanted to go. We rarely spend any time together anymore and I figured it would be kind of nice. But I finally turned her down because I knew that I would feel better staying at home and catching up on work.

I am very good at managing my time. But maybe I just need to slow down and take a breath. I am sure God will understand.