My Experience with Black Friday Shopping

Last night, I went Black Friday shopping for the first time (if you do not count the small town shopping I did once with my mom at about six in the morning). I went for the experience, not the deals. I actually wanted to deal with the crowds.

My brothers and I drove up to the city about an hour before six because we were worried about parking. We ended up finding a couple empty spots in the back. Once we got inside, we were not sure what to do. We were instantly surprised that parts of the store were blocked off and that the merchandise had been moved to different locations throughout the store. It was all wrapped up and had signs that said the sale started at six and that the stuff would not ring up at the register before that time. Employees were scattered throughout the store, guarding the sale items and getting after people who got too close to the crates.

We decided to begin by walking around. It was not always easy because there were lines forming. We ended up in a line for TVs but after realizing that the sale did not start for another two and a half hours, we got out of line and went to the movie section.

We waited in the movie section for about twenty minutes. As it got closer to six, more and more people gathered around. My parents had been worried about us getting pickpocketed or something like that but my only worry was getting trampled once the sale started.

My worries were for nothing though. A few minutes before six, a couple people started pulling movies out so the workers started cutting off the plastic wrap and letting everyone else go through it. We grabbed a few movies and then ended up in a huge crowd of pushing people. Because we had no carts, we were able to move through it pretty easily. I felt bad for the people in scooters.

We had to wait in line for a little while but it was not too bad. The line wrapped all the way through the clothing section though. The people around us were pretty nice. We also laughed about the rude people we had encountered throughout the experience. One guy had tried to take another person’s empty cart and two women had an argument when we were in the huge crowd.

Well, I can cross Black Friday shopping off of my bucket list. I do not think I will ever do that again. Really, my personal beliefs are that Thanksgiving should be about family, not sales.