The Circle Maker: Devotions for Kids Book Review

The Circle Maker: Devotions for Kids by Mark Batterson, begins with the legend of Honi, the circle maker. He drew a circle in the sand and stood in it with the intention of not leaving until God made it rain. Sure enough, it rained. Prayers should be like circles. You should not just pray once for something but over and over until the prayer is answered. This is the theme of this one-hundred-day devotional book for kids. Each devotional starts with a Bible verse followed by a devotional and then ending with a prayer. After that, there is a section where kids can write down their prayer requests that need to be circled in prayer.

            This devotional is ok but not the greatest devotional. It is ideal for kids about ten years and older. The message is pretty clear and repeats itself over and over: Prayers need to be prayed in a circle. In other words, pray for things repeatedly until the prayer is answered.

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I Can Only Imagine Children’s Book

I Can Only Imagine: A Friendship with Jesus Now and Forever is a children’s book by Bart Millard with Laura Neutzling based on the song and movie by Mercyme. In the book, a child imagines what Heaven will be like. The child pictures all the good things about life here on earth and pictures these things to be even better in Heaven. The child pictures what a day will be like in Heaven, such as making your bed and eating breakfast in the morning. He wonders if Jesus will play with him and whether he will get to eat huge ice cream cones before lunch.

I really liked this children’s book because it gets young children to think about Heaven and wonder what Jesus and God are really like. This book is perfect for very young kids and teaches them the message that God is great and that they will one day spend eternity in Heaven.

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The Heart Between Us

Megan has never been one for adventure. Of course, having a weak heart and receiving a transplant made it difficult for her to pursue her dreams of traveling. In The Heart Between Us by Lindsay Harrel, Megan meets with her heart donor’s family and learns that Amanda, her donor, had a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish during her lifetime. Megan decides that it is her job to complete the bucket list, which includes traveling around the world. Crystal, Megan’s twin sister, decides to go on the trip with Megan. She hopes the trip will help build their broken relationship as well as help with her relationship with her husband.

The spiritual message in this book is rather weak. The message, which does not become clear until nearly the end of the book, is about how God can fix what is broken, including broken relationships. The book got to be a little long as Megan and Crystal travel the world fulfilling Amanda’s bucket list while struggling to build their own relationship.

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Jesus Calling: Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering

Jesus Calling: Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering by Sarah Young is a beautifully illustrated adult coloring book with different sayings and Bible verses incorporated into the pictures. There are over one hundred illustrations to color. Most of the illustrations are nature related and include pictures of birds, flowers, and butterflies. However, there are a few church scenes. In addition to coloring, this book also contains verses and sayings written in fancy script that allows readers/artists to hand copy the letters to write the words on their own. The short sayings and verses will help the reader/artist to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

This coloring book is very simply illustrated so adults and kids can color the pictures and not get too overwhelmed or frustrated. However, the hand lettering for tracing is written in a way that is very difficult to read. Otherwise, this coloring book is a great book of different sayings and Bible verses that relate to Jesus.

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365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

The daily devotional, 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids, by Kathryn Slattery, contains many difficult questions and answers that kids might have about Christianity and their faith. This kid-friendly dated daily devotional contains 366 short questions and answers about prayer, the Bible, important Biblical characters, people important to the Christian faith, the church, and God. Each devotion includes a Bible verse, a short passage to read, references to important verses in the Bible, a short prayer, and references to other questions featured throughout the book. This book is a perfect way to help curious kids answer difficult questions regarding their beliefs.

This daily devotional is perfect for kids ages eight to thirteen. Each message is short, to the point, and easy for kids to understand. Everybody can learn from this book. Even as an adult, I learned a lot from the questions that were being asked. It does not matter what denomination kids are; they will still learn from this amazing book and develop a relationship with God.

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Beyond the Castle

Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After is by Jody Jean Dryer, a thirty-year Disney veteran that had twenty-two jobs in the time she worked at Disney World. In the book, she shares her experiences and memories of working at the happiest place on Earth in addition to giving many life lessons. Jody Jean Dryer, who served as Disney World ambassador for a year (a highly prestigious position) is able to talk about name tags, being stuck in the elevator, and dancing in the Disney World parade while incorporating life lessons to live by every day. Her stories of behind the scenes at Disney World are truly interesting.

I highly recommend this book to all Disney lovers. Not only do we get inside information about Disney as readers, we also get lessons that we can take away from these experiences such as working as a team, being a princess, and approaching life with speedbumps and roadblocks.

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New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible

New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible

The New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible is just what it sounds like: A study Bible. At the beginning of each book in this Bible are important questions and answers such as who wrote the book, what happens in the book, why the book was written, what do we learn about God in this book, where did this book take place, stories that can be found in that book of the Bible, and who are the key people in the book. In the side margins of the Bible are timelines, little pictures, charts, maps, and explanations of certain verses located on that page.

I really like this Bible because of the verse explanations off to the side. Therefore, I highly recommend this Bible for all young Bible scholars. The one thing that I am a little disappointed in is the pictures. The pictures are small and offer little explanation to that book of the Bible. Otherwise, it is highly informative and deserves to be read every day.

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In The Berenstain Bears Bless Our Gramps & Gran, by Mike Berenstain, Brother, Sister, and Honey are playing with their Noah’s ark play set but they are bored that rainy day. Papa suggests that the cubs get ready for Grandparents Day. However, they have no idea how to celebrate. The cubs start by thinking about how special Gramps and Gran are to them and all the things they do for them. The cubs decide that since Noah had a lot of grandchildren after the flood in order to repopulate the earth, they would write a story about Noah and all of his grandchildren and draw pictures as a gift for their grandparents.

This book has a very clear message: Grandparents are special because they can do so many interesting things as well as do different activities with their family. This message is made even clearer through the entertaining illustrations. I highly recommend this book to all young children as well as older fans of The Berenstain Bear books.

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Let’s Be Real Book Review

In Let’s Be Real, by singer and social media celebrity Natasha Bure, she writes about focusing on being the best person you can be by living an open and honest life. Life is tough, especially for teenagers in this busy and unpredictable world. There are so many expectations for teenagers and it is hard to be the best person possible and stay true to yourself with the stress of high school, friends, family, boys, and jobs. In the book, she focuses on topics such as friends, family, faith, relationships, beauty, and health to be the best person you can be. Living out your convictions and faith through your relationships with boys and friends and family is important to be the real you.

This book’s audience is for teenage girls, especially girls facing a tough high school career and trying to figure out where God plays into life and how to be the best possible person. The book has a strong message and I recommend this book to all Christian teenagers trying to figure their lives out by living an honest and true life. The message of this book is about living according to your convictions while staying strong in your faith with God and placing beauty, health, family, friends, and boys as priorities in your life.

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The Berenstain Bears 5-Minute Inspirational Stories

I grew up reading all of the Berenstain Bear books. It is so great that more books are still being written; this time with a focus on God. The Berenstain Bears 5-Minute Inspirational Stories by Stan and Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain contains twelve books that teach different important Christian lessons. In this book, the bears learn lessons about the importance of praying (Say Their Prayers), accepting people that are different (Love Their Neighbors), helping people in times of need (Get Involved), and standing up for yourself even in difficult times (Gift of Courage), just to name a few.

I definitely recommend this book to all young children. With twelve stories, this book will keep kids busy reading about the loveable bears. The messages in each story are very clear and cover topics such as praying, loving others, forgiveness, helping, and standing up for yourself. The characters make several references to the Bible by reciting different verses that relate to the messages and then give explanations about what each of the verses mean. This is a must-read for all young Christians. They will absolutely fall in love with the pictures and the interesting plots.

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