I Still Hate this Town

When I walked out the door this morning, I heard a noisy cow. The sound depressed me. I hate this ranching community and I do not need to be reminded of my hatred. I feel depressed every time I am reminded of something I do not like. For instance, I feel depressed going home and passing all the fields and pastures. I feel depressed when I have to drive thirty minutes just to do some light shopping.

I really am looking for another job but there is just not much out there. It is frustrating. I hate this school as well. I get no break tomorrow because they cancelled my only special and did not bother to get a sub. Because I have noon duty, I am stuck with my kids all day. The same is true of Thursday as well.

This place is not right for me and I want out so badly. Why did God bring me here? Why do I have to endure this?