Goodbye to My Computer

My senior year in high school, my parents gave me an old desktop computer to take to college. It was a Windows XP from 2003. The computer was old and slow, but it did its job. Plus, it did not cost me anything. I could not afford a laptop.

People made fun of my computer often but I tried not to let it bother me too much. I could not afford a laptop. There were times that my computer was so slow but I would turn it on and then go do something else until it had a chance to get going. It made it through my three and a half years of college.

Once I got home from school, I no longer had internet on my computer. Mostly, it was used for games and for my writing.

I took my computer with me when I got my teaching job a year ago and put it in my apartment. I got internet for my apartment. At first, I planned on using my personal computer for anything personal such as Facebook and writing. But my computer really was not handling the internet very well. There were a bunch of updates needed since there had not been an internet connection for a couple years. Often, the internet would not load.

It got to the point that I only used my school computer. I would only get on my personal computer to store documents.

The other night, I went to load some files onto my desktop and every program I tried to open would open really slow and freeze often. This had been happening for awhile. I finally realized that it was time to say goodbye.

Last night I cleaned through the documents and deleted everything that was on there. It was so sad deleting folders that I had worked so hard to put together. Even though my files are backed up online, it was still a sad moment.

I am also sad to say goodbye to my computer. It does still work. It just does not like to work.