The Holiday Concert

My students’ holiday concert is next week. Apparently, the students are responsible for some of the costumes so one of the teachers has been helping with a few because she says that their parents won’t help them. I guess I have refused to help my students. I do not teach music so that is not my responsibility. The custodian the other day tried to make me feel guilty that I was not helping.

My choir teacher in high school once said that because of all the extra practices that choir teacher have, they really only make about ten cents an hour. That is a lot of hours. I know that is not true of the music teacher at my school though because it is a small school and she does not have that many students.

With that being said, I still do not think costumes are my responsibility. I am a new teacher that teaches two classes at once. I am lucky if I get a lunch break away from the kids as well as a thirty minute break when they are at specials. I have papers to grade on a daily basis as well as lesson plans and countless other activities to create because I am a new teacher. Often, I have to take work home and go to school on the weekends. I have too much responsibility as it is without adding holiday costumes.