Fight Against Shared Posts on Facebook

It seems like nothing on Facebook is original any more. Everyone feels the need to post things they find on other websites. It is really kind of annoying because after you have seen one ‘share’ you have basically seen them all. It really makes me wonder how much time people spend online, looking for things to share on Facebook.

For some people, they share very similar things every day. There are the people who share things about gun rights and cats and various other topics. For that person, it is usually the same topic every day.

I block all the shared posts. But since they come from so many sources, I keep on seeing them.

I have actually thought about deactivating my Facebook account. I have kept it though because I want to know what is going on in people’s lives. Shared links and pictures though do not tell me what is going on with a person though. It only tells me what they like or believe in.