God is Working Though My Depression

The other day, I was reading someone’s blog about how religion causes depression. The author said that people feel they are expected to be perfect and because no one is perfect, that brings them down and causes them to be depressed. I could not agree more.

I was depressed before I became a Christian. I found out that I had depression when I was sixteen and I did not become a Christian until I was twenty. And as a Christian, I know I am not perfect. I know God wants me to do my best but that He sent His Son Jesus to die for my mistakes. Because I have accepted His forgiveness, I will one day spend eternity in Heaven. It does not matter how perfect I am not.

Being a Christian is not causing my mental illness. Being a Christian is saving me from it though. There are times when life gets to be too much and I begin to contemplate suicide. I keep living though because I know that God has plans for me. And I know that God is working through my mental illness.

There was a time in my life when I blamed God for my problems. I told God He could not use me because of my depression. I was going through a lot during that time in my life and I told God He could not use me because I barely had the will to get out of bed and go through the daily motions of life let alone do anything else for Him. God just laughed and told me that He was in charge and He knew what He was doing. That is how I ended up becoming a Christian author with a focus on mental illness.

I have problems, but they are not because of my faith. My problems are from my brain being unequipped to deal with this world. But God has given me hope for the future and one day, I know I will be able to leave my earthly problems behind and spend eternity with God!