Halloween as a Teacher

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. I was always shy as a kid and I hated going door to door asking strangers for candy. It was better when I was too old to go because then I could just hand out candy and eat anything my brothers collected.

I must say I was not looking forward to Halloween as a teacher. I knew my students would be wound up even without the candy because they would be excited about the classroom party as well as trick or treating that night. My expectations were met.

Ten minutes before the party, I took the students out to recess with the hopes that they would wear off some energy before getting it all back in sugar. We were not even out for ten minutes because two of my students got into a fight. I told them they were going to the principal. I hoped the principal would keep the students for the rest of the day as a lesson to what happens when they fight. And sure enough, he did. Most people would have made an exception since it was Halloween and let the students go to the party.

When I got home, I was not in a good mood and really did not want to hand out Halloween candy. I knew my students would be coming to my house.

My students did not even wait for me to turn on the light. When I was a kid, trick or treating started at six. You also did not go to a house that had no light on. Kids came to my door before six.

Thankfully, I did not get a ton of kids. At eight o’clock, I shut the light off and then went to take a shower so that no one would see the living room light and think they could come bother me.