Molted Hermit Crab

Shortly before Easter, my hermit crab completely buried himself. I knew what this meant because I have had several hermit crabs over the years. I knew that my hermit crab was going to molt and shed his exoskeleton. Plus, I had noticed him drinking a lot of water before so this just confirmed my suspicion.

After he buried himself, I put a cardboard divider in the tank to separate him from the others and got out a second water bowl.

I was not pleased that my hermit crab was going to molt right before Easter. Because of the long weekend, I had planned on taking them to my parents’ house and I knew that I would not add to a molting hermit crab by taking him on long car ride. I would take the other ones home which would mean setting up another tank.

The day before I left for Easter though, I dug up my hermit crab. I know you are not supposed to do that but I had my doubts that he had molted. And sure enough, he had not. So we went home for break.

But then he buried himself again when we got back. I set up the divider again but then a few days later, he unburied himself. I was getting tired of this game.

Yesterday, a month after he started showing signs of molting, I awoke to find that he finally had molted. And rather than bury himself, he did it in the middle of the tank. I set up the cardboard divider again but after watching one of my healthy hermit crabs try to climb it twice, I had to take them out and set up a separate tank.

I am glad that he finally got around to molting. I am planning on leaving in two weeks to work for the summer and I really did not want to transport a hermit crab that was not feeling well (I have the grape-sized crabs and they recover after about a week).