Holiday Travel

I have been dreading the holidays since before Thanksgiving. I just find it very hard to go home. I had no idea when I would even come home for Christmas. School got out yesterday and I had made up my mind early on that I would not go home that day. I just could not decide between today and tomorrow.

I finally decided yesterday that I would go home today. I texted my parents and let them know. I also assured them that I was going to be watching the weather since I saw that their area was expecting a little snow. Plus, I was trying to avoid getting the frequent snow lecture.

It seems that I get the snow lecture whenever there is the slightest chance of snow, despite being an adult. I once got the snow lecture during either September and October because I had planned a little trip in November. Then, it did happen to snow the day before but the roads were absolutely perfect for my trip and I got the lecture when telling my mom about my trip!

Shortly after sending the text, my parents called. I honestly thought I was going to get the lecture. Surprisingly I didn’t. Then, as I was doing some packing this morning, my mom called. I was expecting the lecture. My mom called me to tell me that the forecast had changed and that they were actually getting a snowstorm.

I was actually a little upset about the call. I do not like being told what to do. But actually, this was probably the first snow lecture (and it was not even a lecture) that was necessary. And I guess I should be thankful for that.

But shortly after that, my mom called and told me what I could do for the day and that made me mad. I am an adult and can make my own decisions.