Giving Up

I mentioned in one of my most recent posts that I got a new job in January at a payday advance place. I also mentioned that I was having difficulty answering the phone and that the boss told my manager I would be fired if I didn’t improve.

I thought that I had improved some. I knew I wasn’t perfect but I was getting there. And then, a manager from another store had to have the phone conversation with me again. I couldn’t understand why she was giving it to me instead of my manager.

I went home crying that night. I called my mom and asked if she could come over and talk. She did and we discussed my boss and the managers and whether I was really making a difference in the world by working there.

The next day, I put in my two week notice. I told my boss I was tired of the forty minute drive to and from work. I was really quitting because of the whole phone call situation. I knew I was not going to improve. You cannot force people to pay their loans off no matter how hard you try.

My boss talked to my manager before I had the chance and she was stunned. She had told me numerous times that she was fighting for me. And now lately, she is trying everything in her power to make me stay. First, she offered me part time┬áhours but that is not going to happen because I already don’t make very much working full time. Then, she offered to hire a part time person that would answer the phones for me. As tempting as that offer is, I know I cannot get away with it. My boss is going to notice that I never answer the phone.

So, a week from Wednesday, I will be done. I will go to the amusement park to work again and find a job in the fall.

When I prayed to go back to the amusement park this summer, I had no idea that it would involve me almost getting fired and quitting my job over phone calls. I had had a different idea on how I was going to get to work at the amusement park.