Letter to Pool Employees

Dear pool employees,

I am writing today to discuss the way you treated me the summer that I managed the pool. What you all did was not right and really hurt me. Let me tell you, managing the pool is a difficult job and you guys did not help. We were short of people to work all summer and that made scheduling difficult. I had to deal with complaints from the public as well as you guys. I was responsible for everything. Anything you did reflected on me. I have individual paragraphs for a few of you.

Alana and Ashley,

You complained often about the number of times I scheduled you to work. When I made the schedule, I actually did not like to put your name down. I had no choice though. You can blame the other lifeguards. They are the ones that requested so much time off that there were few other people to work. I knew that if I scheduled them to work on their time off, they just would not show up. Often, there were not even enough people to cover an entire shift. And there was nothing I could do about it.

You were very vocal about your complaints. You also wrote letters to each other on the marker boards for the entire staff to see. I knew your complaints were about me. It did not make me feel very good because there was nothing I could do to make the pool a better place. I was limited in what I could do.

I am sorry the summer was so miserable for you but it was no picnic for me either. I got tired of your behavior and finally decided I had had enough working at the pool.


I could not believe your behavior that summer. You were only in high school but I knew you were using your breaks to go get high in your car. You showed up with a hangover several times. You were also very lazy and stole food from the concessions. I hated scheduling you as well but I often had no choice.

What really angered me was the day that I made a decision and you came to yell at me because you did not agree. You may have been working at the pool longer than me but you were not in charge.


I told you when I applied to work at the pool that I had had no experience. And when you made me manager, I told you that I was going to need to be taught everything. Instead, the only thing you told me was that I should not listen to the lifeguards. But yet, I learned more from them than I did from you.

I was really angry at how you treated me that summer. You expected me to act like a lifeguard at times when you knew that I have never been a lifeguard. You yelled at me for things such as broken bones when those accidents were not my fault. You also expected me to enforce difficult rules for the other employees without helping me at all. I finally had enough of your yelling and rules and that is partly why I resigned early.


Kimberly Adams


Letter to Elementary Secretary

Dear elementary school secretary,

I am writing today to tell you my feelings regarding your subs. I have heard that the principal plays favorites among the substitute teachers. I mean, I realize that substitute teachers that have been there longer should be treated better. But just because I am new does not mean that I should be given little respect. I have a feeling I also did not make the principal’s favorite list.

I did not realize this until this year, but last year, whenever you called me to sub, it was for the less desirable classrooms. I got the kindergarten classroom where there was no classroom management and the students were just horrible. You also gave me the associate job in the classroom with students that had behavior problems.

This year, you only call me for jobs at the last minute. You again only give me the less desirable classrooms such as the severe special education room and a classroom that was lacking in classroom management. You rarely call me. You manage to give the retired teachers tons of jobs though. They get the good classrooms.

A couple weeks ago, I made a tough decision. I decided I was done subbing in that severe special education room. That seems the only place you want to put me. I knew when I told you that I no longer wanted to return there that you probably would never call me for any jobs ever again. But if that is the way you want to treat me, than I really do not want to go to your school.

Playing favorites with your substitute teachers is wrong. Only calling the retired teachers is not fair. They retired for a reason. But on the other hand, new teachers just want jobs. Why not give them a chance instead of just putting them in difficult classrooms?


Kimberly Adams

Letter to Choir Teacher

Dear choir teacher,

I am writing today in regards to what happened right before graduation with the senior song. It really upset me at the time and it has taken quite awhile to forgive you. I am hoping with this letter, I can finally put the past behind me.

It was a Friday. The girls had come back from chamber choir to say that they had worked on the senior song for graduation then. I was really angry because I was in study hall during that time along with my two friends that were in choir and not in chamber choir. Everybody in the entire school that was not in chamber choir was in study hall during that period but nobody thought to come get us to practice.

That was the first time I got the feeling that my two friends and I were not wanted for the senior song. This was confirmed on Monday when we showed up for choir and you had us practice our senior song. All the girls in chamber choir had solos in the senior song. I was angry because I was never given an opportunity for a solo. And now, my two friends and I were left to sing the rest of the song that you had not turned into solos. That is when I decided to talk to you.

I was angry that I was not wanted for the senior song. I was mad that the song had turned into another opportunity for a select few gifted seniors to sing. If I did not love to sing, I would have not participated in the senior song. I know that is why one of my friends did not sing. She was angry that she was not wanted. I thank you for listening and for finally changing it so that no senior had a solo. It never should have been that way. The senior song should be about seniors singing one last time together at graduation. While I do not appreciate what happened in the beginning, I thank you for taking me seriously.


Kimberly Adams

Letter to School Associate

Dear school associate,

I am writing today to talk about the day that you took my sub job. I do not know your side of the story so I do not want to accuse you of anything but I am still angry about that day.

On Tuesday of that week, I was subbing for one of the associates in the resource room. I was to be there for two days. At one point, the secretary called on the classroom phone and asked if I would sub Thursday for a different associate. I agreed.

Later that day, the teacher asked who was subbing on Thursday and I replied that I was. Even the associate that I was subbing for said it was me. She had an absent request form with my name on it. But that is when you said you were subbing.

I did not say anything for several reasons. For one, I am very confused by the associate hours this year. Some of you come late, others leave early, and some only come in certain days of the week. Also, there was a time last year when I was asked to sub for an associate but when I arrived, I was told that some of the associates were switching jobs to make things easier on me.

The next day, I decided I had better talk to the teacher since she kept insisting that you were subbing for that associate on Thursday and plus, she was going to be gone herself. The teacher said she did not know what I was doing but she would check. She told me later that I would be subbing for a high school associate.

I was very angry at learning that I would be going to the high school. I am not a high school sub. If I had known that I was going to go to the high school, I would have refused the job at the beginning.

After a sleepless night, I went and talked to the secretary. She knew nothing about what was going on and went to talk to the principal. Then, she told me that I had my job back.

The reason I do not want to accuse you of anything is because I do not know all the circumstances. I know this associate was gone the week before. Maybe you just assumed you would sub again for her. Maybe you were hoping to do some switching with other associates that day. But also, maybe you just decided you wanted a sub job and took it. My name was on the paper and the secretary had asked me. And if that is the case, I am very angry for what you did.


Kimberly Adams

Letter to My High School Best Friend

Dear High School Friend,

I am writing today to discuss senior year. I know how much you wanted to be valedictorian. You had talked about it ever since freshman year. I have the feeling that your mom was putting a lot of pressure on you to be the best of the class. In a way, I feel like I took that honor away from you.

Let me tell you this, just because I was valedictorian does not mean that I was the smartest in the class. It just meant that I worked harder than everyone else and got the better grades. But really, the honor means very little. Who wants to be known as the smartest in the class? That is embarrassing, not true, and sounds like boasting. What really matters is that you tried your hardest and did your best.

I am sorry for whatever you may have gone through senior year. I am sorry if your mom put too much pressure on you. If I could go back to senior year, I would have tried to make you valedictorian. It obviously meant more to you than me. I feel that it impacted our friendship and it should not have. Again, I am sorry for whatever pain and agony this might have caused for you.


Letter to My College Best Friend 2

Dear college friend,

A couple months ago you told me about your abortion. Now, several months later, I am still thinking about it. I am writing this letter today to tell you about my feelings regarding the matter.

I have known about your past with guys for a long time. When you told me you knew I did not approve of what you were doing. But you always made it sound like you regretted your actions every time. And after that year that we were roommates, I thought you had changed. I knew you were not a Christian, but I thought you were making better decisions. I thought you were not drinking as much and you were not so desperate for a boyfriend. After I graduated, I felt like we did not talk as much. Because of that, I thought that you were still making smart decisions.

When you told me that you had an abortion, I was shocked. I had no idea that you were seeing any guys. I guess I was a little hurt that you had neglected to tell me this. I was also shocked that you had an abortion. I guess I had never thought about you becoming pregnant. But now that I think about it, I would have thought you were the kind of person that would keep the baby no matter what.

I am a little hurt that you did not tell me you were pregnant. I am a little hurt that you felt you were unable to confide in me until after it was all over. Yes, I would have tried to convince you to keep the baby. I believe that life starts at conception. I believe that each child is a gift from God. I believe that abortion is murder. But there was nothing I could have done to save the baby.

What you did does not change the fact that we are still friends. I just felt the need to write this letter to deal with the feelings that your actions stirred in me.


Kimberly Adams

Letter to My College Best Friend

Dear Friend,

I know you are upset about your boyfriend breaking up with you. I am sad for you too. I wish there was something I could do to take away your pain. Unfortunately, only time can heal this type of wound. And today, what I am writing to tell you may sound cruel, but someday, you will agree with me.

I knew that your relationship would never last. You lived too far away from him. And while you both were willing to travel now, it was going to get more difficult as you graduate from college and you move and get a full time job. It might have worked if one of you had been willing to move (but in the future if things got more serious). But you told me that neither of you were willing to move later on and that is a sure sign that the relationship would have to end sometime.

I know you thought you two were meant to be. After dating him for four months though, it is better that he broke it off now. You would hate to continue a relationship that is never going to work. You might as well be out there searching for your soul mate.

I know you are getting impatient for the right guy. He will come to you though. God has a plan for you and when it is meant to be, He will let you know. In the meantime, you just need to trust His timing. He knows what He is doing.

My letter may sound cruel now, but someday, you will agree with me.


Kimberly Adams

Letter to My Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend

Dear Ex-Girlfriend,

I dislike every girl that my brother is dating. I come to that opinion before I have met any of the girls. You were no exception. When I heard that you had a baby, I disliked you even more. I have very strong beliefs about waiting until marriage.

When I first met you though, I found it difficult to hate you. You are just too nice. And I knew that I was not being a very good Christian because I was judging you based on your past actions. I know I have made mistakes and I do not want people to hold them against me.

I know that I did not give your baby much attention. I did not think much of your baby but I am not a baby person. I really do not care for small kids. It had nothing to do with him being born out of wedlock.

I believed that the relationship was going too fast though. And I guess my brother felt the same way too. I was surprised that he wanted to date someone with a child at all.

I am sorry that it did not work out. God knows what He is doing though. Everything happens for a reason.


Kimberly Adams

Letter to My Best Friend 4

Dear Best Friend,


The other day, you made a comment about us getting together once a month next fall. I went along with it but inside, I was thinking that it would never happen. I think it is time for me to address your plan and have you see reality. I am not trying to be mean. You really are my best friend. But your plan is just a little too unrealistic.


We are going to be over four hours apart next fall when I start my new job and you begin working full time after graduation. And while I would love to hang out with you once a month (or more), it is not going to be practical. We are both going to be busy. You will be working inconsistent hours and will probably be working some weekends. Plus, we both have personal lives to attend to. We both have family to see and other obligations and things that are going to make us very busy. It will be too difficult to set aside a weekend a month to hang out. Also, you have to consider the unpredictable winter weather. I am not going to drive over four hours in a snow storm to see you.


I know you want us to hang out often so that our friendship will not fall apart. But our friendship has already been tested after I graduated college. Ever since I left, we have not hung out as much as when I was still in school. We do not hang out once a month right now and we are fine.


I would not be worried about our friendship. I have no intention of letting you go. And with today’s technology, we will be able to talk on the phone and on Facebook often.




Kimberly Adams

Letter to College Friend 2

Dear college friend,


Lately, it seems like you will make plans for the two of us to get together and then you will suddenly back out. It has happened the last three times. It really bothers me because you are the one that initiates the plans. If you do not want to hang out or are too busy, than do not make the plans. And if you no longer want to be friends, than quit making the plans. It really bothers me that we make definite plans and then you back out.


Last September, I was planning on going back to the church I attended while in school for some event on Sunday evening. Since I was planning on being in town, I decided to see if you were available. I called you a week in advance. You said you would be around and even invited me to stay Saturday night. You were the one that came up with that plan. I had originally just thought about getting together for a few hours Sunday afternoon if you were around. Otherwise, I would just come up for the church event. I had no sooner hung up the phone, eager for Saturday, when you called me back and said that you had too much homework. You had a whole week to do your homework! And then, you decided to call me back late Saturday afternoon to tell me you finished your homework. You had your chance for us to hang out and you cancelled.


Then, in November, you invited me to come up and join your friends in making a big dinner. Then, we were going to go to a movie that night. You told me about this way in advance. A part of me was not looking forward to it. I do not like cooking and I was feeling kind of depressed at the time. But I knew that I had already committed to it and you would be disappointed if I backed out. But then, you called me on Monday and told me that you had to work on Saturday. I was angry that you had cancelled our plans again but also relieved that I did not have to go. But then, you posted on Facebook that Saturday afternoon that you were going to see the movie with another friend. And your Facebook said that you had not gone home to work. You had stayed in town. I knew you could not have had the dinner because you would not leave it cooking while going to a movie but it still angered me.


Finally, in December, you made plans for us to go the city and shop. You said you would call me at eight o’clock and then try to be at my house an hour later. That day, I woke up early and waited for you to call. Finally, about an hour later, I called you but you never answered. You finally called me back at eleven and said that you thought the weather was kind of bad and you wanted to do this another day. I understand the part about the weather. What I do not get is that you called me three hours late that day.


If you do not want to hang out, than do not initiate the plans. And if you do not want to be friends, stop making plans.




Kimberly Adams