Obsessive Christmas Disorder Controversy

I wash shocked when I heard about the sweater that Target was selling that said ‘OCD, Obsessive Christmas Disorder.’ As someone that suffers from mild OCD, I do not find it funny. Sure, some people might be obsessive about Christmas, but it goes away. Plus, there is reason to be eager to celebrate the Christmas season. However, I cannot control my obsessive thoughts. My obsessive thoughts lead to compulsions that I cannot control. My OCD controls me. Christmas does not control people. And the obsession will go away once the holiday season is over.

Some people say that they are not offended by the sweater, despite suffering from OCD. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, people would be offended if the sweater laughed at people with cancer or diabetes. Why should mental illness be an exception?

OCD is not a joke. My life is controlled by the direction things are facing. I am controlled by whether my teeth were brushed a certain way and whether I use the right light switches in the correct order. I hate that I am controlled by those things. I know my thoughts are irrational. But I feel that if I do not do things a certain way, I will be fired from my job.

OCD is real! I am offended by the sweater.


I Hate My Life

I hate my life! My fish died today. I got absolutely no sympathy from my mom. My students never behave. I live all alone in the middle of no where. I suffer from depression, anxiety, trich, and OCD sysptoms. I am also a cutter. I am normally a much more positive person. I just think it is time for things to change. Doesn’t anyone know that I exist?


I do not know if I have OCD and I guess it does not really matter. If I do, than I only have mild symptoms that I can live with. It still drives me crazy though when people say they are OCD about something such as chipped nail polish though because I know that OCD is not that. There are people who cannot move on from their obsessions and compulsions. Chipped nail polish is a small matter that can easily be taken care of or even forgotten if something else comes along as a distraction. But people with OCD do not have that luxury.

The reason I believe I have some OCD symptoms is because occasionally, there are things I have to do a certain way or I believe that something bad will happen (usually, I think that I will get fired from my job).

For example, the other day, I realized that I had not turned on the fan before getting in the shower. I immediately got out of the shower without grabbing a towel even though I was dripping wet and had shampoo in my hair to turn on the fan because I knew something bad would happen otherwise. The same goes for how I brush my teeth and several other activities. If they are not done a certain way and in a certain order, I feel something bad is going to happen.

Then, there is the arrangement of things. The baking ingredients have a certain spot in my cupboard. The remotes for the TV have to be in a certain spot. Everything has a place in my apartment and must be in that order and arrangement at all times.

Like I said, I do not know if my symptoms would classify as OCD because really, they are mild. I am writing tonight though to say that OCD can be more than just repetitive hand washing and is definitely not chipped nail polish.