I Really Didn’t Mean To

I missed out on giving my hermit crabs a bath over Thanksgiving so I decided to do it today. Because of the nasty cold weather, I heated the water in the microwave for only fifteen seconds. Then, I put the crabs in for just a couple seconds and when I went to pull them out, I noticed their legs were falling off. One of them is already dead and it is not looking good for the other two. I feel horrible because I just killed my pets. I honestly did not know that would happen. I was just trying to keep them from freezing. And now I am a murderer!

Ever since I got my cat, I realize that I have too many pets. But before, I could not have a cat and the fish and crabs gave me company. It is going to make going home at Christmas time and traveling this summer difficult. I guess losing my hermit crabs is God’s way of saying that I have too many pets. Still, I feel absolutely horrible.


I Want a Cat

Ever since I was eight years old, my family has had a cat. Over the years, we ended up with three cats. They were my babies. They were what I lived for. And I found it very difficult when I moved out a little over a year ago because I could not have a cat. My landlord had said no pets. He later made an exception for my hermit crabs and fish because they are kept in small tanks. However, his wife said if I asked he might let me have a cat.

At the time she told me that, a cat was not an option. I lived with my aunt and uncle during the summer while working at the amusement park. Having a cat was not an option.

But next summer, I will be living in a camper while working at the amusement park. Having a cat is possible, if my landlord agrees. However, I am not sure he would allow it. It does say in my contract that pets are not allowed.

Cats are constantly on my mind though. My friend from high school just got a cat and she posts pictures on Facebook all the time. My teacher friend has baby kittens that she does not want. I would love one of them.

Plus, I think having a cat would help a lot with my loneliness. It would make life here bearable. Also, I would have a constant companion.