Read Between the Lines

The other day, I was readingĀ The Fault in Our StarsĀ and I noticed a very interesting note from the author. The author said that there was no need to dig deep into the story because it was made up and there were no facts hidden there. I could not agree more with her statement.

I love to read but I hated reading books in school because teachers always claimed that there was more to the story and you had to read between the lines to get the message the author was trying to convey. As a fiction writer myself, I do not always put something in direct words. I sometimes leave it up to you to figure out the character’s feelings and actions. But there is no need to read between the lines because there is nothing there. If you do read between the lines, you are ruining the story and are rewriting it for yourself because there is nothing there.

Reading between the lines and trying to find something much deeper ruins the story. I think many of us at times forget the underlying purpose for an author writing and for a reader to be reading that story. I write fiction to entertain and my wish for you as a reader is to be entertained.