For awhile, one of my Facebook friends from high school kept posting very vague posts about something going on in her life. She was being very vague so I was unable to determine what was going on. I knew it was something bad though.

One day, I decided to look at her profile and that is when I figured out what had happened. This person had been married a little over a year ago and now her page said that she was single. I looked up her husband and discovered that they were no longer friends.

I do not know if she is divorced or separated but I was definitely shocked. The wedding had only been a little over a year ago.

Lately though, she has been posting a ton of selfies of herself everyday. There are a couple every day. She is pretty but I think the selfies are going a little overboard. And because of her recent problems, I cannot help but wonder if she is not looking for some positive attention from her friends (or maybe even another guy). I do not mind the occasional selfie but this is getting ridiculous. I am starting to look at her as vain and conceited.