My New Job

As I mentioned in my last post, I quit teaching in December and got a job at a cash advance place. I like my job as well as the other girl that I work with. I feel like I do a good job. I like helping the customers and I find the work satisfying.

However, the one thing I hate about my job is collection calls. I know that I am not very good at them because I am too nice. People can give me an excuse for not paying and then tell me they will be in on a later date and that is absolutely fine with me. That is not ok with my boss. He told my manager that if I don’t improve on my phone calls, then I will be fired.

I was stunned when I heard this and am not afraid to admit that I was in tears. I know that my calls are bad but I figured the rest of my work more than makes up for my calls.

Plus, I do not see why calls have to be such a big focus in my line of work. Sure, that is how we get customers to come in and pay off their loans but other than that, our work is primarily assisting customers with their loans. But the company insists that calls are extremely important and we have to listen to our calls and evaluate them every day. It is a major pain and not fun.

Phone calls make me nervous which results in me pulling my hair out. Right now, I have only one eyebrow and that one has a bald patch in it. The growth of my missing eyebrow was destroyed yesterday when they made me practice calls with other employees.


Living in a Fantasy World

It has definitely been a while since I last posted. I quit teaching in December and I don’t think I have written since then. So here is a little update on what I am doing.

I work at a cash advance place. I like working there as well as the other girl I work with. But I am not proud of the work I do. Basically, I help people that are in need of money. Some people legitimately need the help but some people come in every time they pay their loan back to borrow more money. In other words, I am helping people that cannot manage their money.

As much as I like my job, I do not feel like I am making a difference in the world. Lately, I have had a longing to move back to the middle of no where and resume teaching. I had it all planned out. I would get the teaching job (at a different school than where I originally taught but still in the general area where I was living before). Then, I would quit my job and take a brief trip to Florida (I really want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter). Then, I would return to the amusement park to work for the summer and then return to teaching.

However, I feel like my fantasies are not going to come true. I did apply to one school but I have not heard back from them. That means that my dreams are in vain. I cannot go to Florida because I don’t have any vacation time. I also cannot return to the amusement park unless I quit my current job.

When I applied to the school, I knew that I might not get the job and if I didn’t, then it would just be part of God’s plans. However, right now, I am frustrated with God’s plans for me. I feel like my way is better and I know that is wrong.

Jesus Calling: Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering

Jesus Calling: Creative Coloring and Hand Lettering by Sarah Young is a beautifully illustrated adult coloring book with different sayings and Bible verses incorporated into the pictures. There are over one hundred illustrations to color. Most of the illustrations are nature related and include pictures of birds, flowers, and butterflies. However, there are a few church scenes. In addition to coloring, this book also contains verses and sayings written in fancy script that allows readers/artists to hand copy the letters to write the words on their own. The short sayings and verses will help the reader/artist to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

This coloring book is very simply illustrated so adults and kids can color the pictures and not get too overwhelmed or frustrated. However, the hand lettering for tracing is written in a way that is very difficult to read. Otherwise, this coloring book is a great book of different sayings and Bible verses that relate to Jesus.

I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

The daily devotional, 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids, by Kathryn Slattery, contains many difficult questions and answers that kids might have about Christianity and their faith. This kid-friendly dated daily devotional contains 366 short questions and answers about prayer, the Bible, important Biblical characters, people important to the Christian faith, the church, and God. Each devotion includes a Bible verse, a short passage to read, references to important verses in the Bible, a short prayer, and references to other questions featured throughout the book. This book is a perfect way to help curious kids answer difficult questions regarding their beliefs.

This daily devotional is perfect for kids ages eight to thirteen. Each message is short, to the point, and easy for kids to understand. Everybody can learn from this book. Even as an adult, I learned a lot from the questions that were being asked. It does not matter what denomination kids are; they will still learn from this amazing book and develop a relationship with God.

I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

I Broke My Contract

It has been awhile since I last posted. A lot has been going on. The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I wanted to break my teaching contract. I got the courage to go to the principal and asked if it would be a possibility. She said it would be as soon as they found a replacement for me. The plan was to be done at Christmas time.

Last week, they still did not have a replacement and I was told I would have to come back after Christmas if they didn’t find anyone. They did manage to find someone at the end of the week but it was still not official. I had to wait for a call from the principal before I could say that I was officially done.

The call came today. I know I should be happy about being done but it is still hard knowing that I gave up a good job because I could not handle it.

Brave Girls: Confidential Review

Join Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor in Brave Girls: Confidential by Travis Thrasher at their sleepover as they tell stories about past events in which they learn about faith, friendship, and other life lessons. These five girls call themselves the Brave Girls because they are brave when it comes to trying new things and asking others for help. This book includes many different stories involving each Brave Girl. The stories include lessons on friendship, being yourself, worry, family, and bravery along with staying faithful to God and to each other. Faith can be exciting when it comes to reading about each Brave Girl.

            I highly recommend this book for all young girls. This book has great colorful pictures on every page and teaches important lessons in each story about one of the Brave Girls. Each story has a message that shows how each girl stays true to God and to their friends.   

I got this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.


Breaking My Contract

I hate teaching. I want out of the profession desperately. I am not sure if I can make it until May. My counselor suggested looking into whether it would be possible to break my contract. I do not know if it is or not and I am scared to ask.

Does anyone know of anyone that has broken their teacher contract? Or, do you have any advice for me?

Lousy Teacher

I have a student that is a struggling reader. The teacher he had last year has been trying to be helpful and offer advice in order to help him be successful. But lately, her advice has become overwhelming. She wants me to do all this stuff with this student. I know she is invested in this student and wants to see him become a better student but she does not understand what it is like for me. I teach two grades and she only teaches one. I do not have time for all this intervention.

Plus, all of these meetings that she has been insisting with different people in order to help this student make me feel like a lousy teacher. I know that is not her intention but I cannot help feeling that way. I am tired of being told what to do. If they really want me to do all this intervention, they can do it for me.

Overwhelming Bible

The NIV Color Code Bible takes verses from the Bible and highlights different verses using various colors to represent a different theme. There are verses pertaining to animals, family, love, God, sin, Jesus, praise and prayer, washed clean, growth, and Heaven. Each category has a different color that it is highlighted in and there is a reference at the bottom of the page as a reminder to what each color means. Besides the color-coded verses, the Bible is written in a language that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life. There is even a calendar that will help readers read through the entire Bible or just the Gospels or Psalms.

Despite the color code at the bottom of the page as an easy reference to figure out what each highlighted verse represents, I still found the highlighting a little overwhelming. With ten different categories highlighted, that is a lot of verses and it is hard to focus on everything. However, since the Bible is written in a language that is easy to understand, some of the highlighting may be useful when reading. To me however, it was just too much and because of that, I do not recommend this Bible.

I received this Bible free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

I Hate Teaching

I have been so depressed the last few weeks. I know what is causing it too. I hate my job. I decided to give up teaching last spring but for some reason went and got another job in teaching because nobody wanted to see me give up on something that I am good at. But I am so unhappy and have no idea how I am supposed to make it through the next several months until my contract ends. That is not until May and that feels like an eternity. Am I really expected to be miserable the next several months?