I Want to Travel Right Now

I have always loved traveling. I have always been very fortunate that I have a dad that enjoys seeing the rest of the country and when I was in high school, I participated in Upward Bound and at the end of the summer program, we would always take a big trip. I have always planned to do some serious traveling when I retire (at twenty-four though that will be awhile).

I started working full-time in August. That has meant a significant increase in money. I went from a substitute teacher that hardly got any jobs to a summer ride operator at an amusement park. So being a real teacher with a real paycheck is really nice.

A couple of months ago, I began thinking how nice it would be to travel to Florida over Christmas. I would really like to go to Florida because I am a huge Harry Potter fan and would like to go to Universal Studios. I looked at my bank account and did some figuring and realized that I could afford the trip. There was just one problem: I had no one to go with me. I have no problem doing things alone. I went to the zoo by myself over Christmas break and in September I did a day trip to some locations nearby. But going to Florida just seemed like something I should do with another person. So I put the trip in the back of my mind.

Lately, though, the idea of traveling as been on my mind again. Work is not going so great and I just want a break. I thought about a small trip to the Black Hills because that is only a few hours away but after doing some research, I learned that not a lot of attractions are open during the winter. And then I revisited the idea of Florida but I still have the issue of nobody to go with me.

Last night, I had a dream about going to Disney World. I suppose it has something to do with me watching a Disneyland video yesterday afternoon. The idea of traveling has been weighing heavily on my mind though. I just think it would be a good way to have the break that I really want.