Teens and Work

My new job has shown me a lot about people. I definitely look differently at people I have known for the last year or two. I have also changed my view on many of the new people that come to work. Many of the new people are teenagers. They are definitely interesting. I know not all teenagers are like that like I said, my view has definitely been changed.

One teen I was really excited to meet. Right away, she was very open about her past. She talked about her depression and problems with cutting. I admired her right away because she was able to tell people about her problems. I have never admitted that I am a cutter (former) to anyone. But a few days later, I changed my mind about her. Sure, I thought she was brave for admitting her problems, but she was also showing that work was not her thing. She would volunteer to work extra shifts but she never stayed to finish her shift. She always wanted to leave early.

Another teen I worked with was really excited to be there. She was excited to work with kids. I also admired her for her spirit. I believe it takes a special person to work with young kids. The next day though, her spirit was gone. I dealt with one of her complaints and after I left, there were several more.

The third teen was also really excited to work. She was so excited that she did not want a day off. I admired her as well for her hard working attitude. I had not seen her work though.

Two of the three teens are no longer working. I am not sure how much longer the third one will last. Like I said at the beginning, I know all teens are not like this. As a teen, I was always a hard worker. My brothers are the same way. But my parents always made us work for what we wanted. Plus, you just feel better when you work hard.