365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

The daily devotional, 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids, by Kathryn Slattery, contains many difficult questions and answers that kids might have about Christianity and their faith. This kid-friendly dated daily devotional contains 366 short questions and answers about prayer, the Bible, important Biblical characters, people important to the Christian faith, the church, and God. Each devotion includes a Bible verse, a short passage to read, references to important verses in the Bible, a short prayer, and references to other questions featured throughout the book. This book is a perfect way to help curious kids answer difficult questions regarding their beliefs.

This daily devotional is perfect for kids ages eight to thirteen. Each message is short, to the point, and easy for kids to understand. Everybody can learn from this book. Even as an adult, I learned a lot from the questions that were being asked. It does not matter what denomination kids are; they will still learn from this amazing book and develop a relationship with God.

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I Broke My Contract

It has been awhile since I last posted. A lot has been going on. The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I wanted to break my teaching contract. I got the courage to go to the principal and asked if it would be a possibility. She said it would be as soon as they found a replacement for me. The plan was to be done at Christmas time.

Last week, they still did not have a replacement and I was told I would have to come back after Christmas if they didn’t find anyone. They did manage to find someone at the end of the week but it was still not official. I had to wait for a call from the principal before I could say that I was officially done.

The call came today. I know I should be happy about being done but it is still hard knowing that I gave up a good job because I could not handle it.

Brave Girls: Confidential Review

Join Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor in Brave Girls: Confidential by Travis Thrasher at their sleepover as they tell stories about past events in which they learn about faith, friendship, and other life lessons. These five girls call themselves the Brave Girls because they are brave when it comes to trying new things and asking others for help. This book includes many different stories involving each Brave Girl. The stories include lessons on friendship, being yourself, worry, family, and bravery along with staying faithful to God and to each other. Faith can be exciting when it comes to reading about each Brave Girl.

            I highly recommend this book for all young girls. This book has great colorful pictures on every page and teaches important lessons in each story about one of the Brave Girls. Each story has a message that shows how each girl stays true to God and to their friends.   

I got this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.


Breaking My Contract

I hate teaching. I want out of the profession desperately. I am not sure if I can make it until May. My counselor suggested looking into whether it would be possible to break my contract. I do not know if it is or not and I am scared to ask.

Does anyone know of anyone that has broken their teacher contract? Or, do you have any advice for me?

Lousy Teacher

I have a student that is a struggling reader. The teacher he had last year has been trying to be helpful and offer advice in order to help him be successful. But lately, her advice has become overwhelming. She wants me to do all this stuff with this student. I know she is invested in this student and wants to see him become a better student but she does not understand what it is like for me. I teach two grades and she only teaches one. I do not have time for all this intervention.

Plus, all of these meetings that she has been insisting with different people in order to help this student make me feel like a lousy teacher. I know that is not her intention but I cannot help feeling that way. I am tired of being told what to do. If they really want me to do all this intervention, they can do it for me.

Overwhelming Bible

The NIV Color Code Bible takes verses from the Bible and highlights different verses using various colors to represent a different theme. There are verses pertaining to animals, family, love, God, sin, Jesus, praise and prayer, washed clean, growth, and Heaven. Each category has a different color that it is highlighted in and there is a reference at the bottom of the page as a reminder to what each color means. Besides the color-coded verses, the Bible is written in a language that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life. There is even a calendar that will help readers read through the entire Bible or just the Gospels or Psalms.

Despite the color code at the bottom of the page as an easy reference to figure out what each highlighted verse represents, I still found the highlighting a little overwhelming. With ten different categories highlighted, that is a lot of verses and it is hard to focus on everything. However, since the Bible is written in a language that is easy to understand, some of the highlighting may be useful when reading. To me however, it was just too much and because of that, I do not recommend this Bible.

I received this Bible free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

I Hate Teaching

I have been so depressed the last few weeks. I know what is causing it too. I hate my job. I decided to give up teaching last spring but for some reason went and got another job in teaching because nobody wanted to see me give up on something that I am good at. But I am so unhappy and have no idea how I am supposed to make it through the next several months until my contract ends. That is not until May and that feels like an eternity. Am I really expected to be miserable the next several months?

I Haven’t Cut

I haven’t been feeling very well the last several days. I have been really depressed and have not accomplished much of anything. My chair has become my base and all the chores have been neglected.

I have cried quite a few tears too. I hate my life. I hate my job and I see nothing positive about my life. I have no friends and nothing to really live for except for my cats.

On the plus side, I have not cut at all during this rough time. I certainly have wanted to but I want to earn my 30-day chip at the recovery meeting in two weeks and cutting is not going to get me that chip.

Instead, one day I drew butterflies on my wrist. It is part of the butterfly project. You draw butterflies instead of cutting and then you name them. If they naturally wash off, then the butterfly lives. Shannon and Libby have washed off and survived and Judy is still slightly there.

Difficult Parent

This is my fourth year of teaching and have never encountered a truly difficult parent until a few weeks ago. This parent has increased my anxiety and led me to cut a couple of times. One really bad night, I even thought about ending it all because I felt like a failure as a teacher and at life.

This parent first contacted me about her student after he received two low scores on assignments in two different classes. I saw no reason to be concerned about the student but I emailed the parent back.

The next thing I know, I am called to the principal’s office because of this parent because she still won’t drop the two low assignments. This was after midterms came out (and the student in question was doing just fine). The parent emailed the principal with all of these concerns and the principal wanted me to help reassure the parent that everything was fine.

That was not enough though because the parent requested a meeting. She wanted the meeting to be the next day which did not work. Then, without even a meeting, the student comes to school and says that he is being transferred to the other private school in town and that it was his last day.

I know I should be relieved that I no longer have to deal with this situation. A part of me still feels really guilty even though I know that I was just doing my job. I lost the school a student. But as my counselor told me, this mom wanted me to cheat for her son.


Beyond the Castle

Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After is by Jody Jean Dryer, a thirty-year Disney veteran that had twenty-two jobs in the time she worked at Disney World. In the book, she shares her experiences and memories of working at the happiest place on Earth in addition to giving many life lessons. Jody Jean Dryer, who served as Disney World ambassador for a year (a highly prestigious position) is able to talk about name tags, being stuck in the elevator, and dancing in the Disney World parade while incorporating life lessons to live by every day. Her stories of behind the scenes at Disney World are truly interesting.

I highly recommend this book to all Disney lovers. Not only do we get inside information about Disney as readers, we also get lessons that we can take away from these experiences such as working as a team, being a princess, and approaching life with speedbumps and roadblocks.

I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.