New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible

New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible

The New International Version Kids’ Visual Study Bible is just what it sounds like: A study Bible. At the beginning of each book in this Bible are important questions and answers such as who wrote the book, what happens in the book, why the book was written, what do we learn about God in this book, where did this book take place, stories that can be found in that book of the Bible, and who are the key people in the book. In the side margins of the Bible are timelines, little pictures, charts, maps, and explanations of certain verses located on that page.

I really like this Bible because of the verse explanations off to the side. Therefore, I highly recommend this Bible for all young Bible scholars. The one thing that I am a little disappointed in is the pictures. The pictures are small and offer little explanation to that book of the Bible. Otherwise, it is highly informative and deserves to be read every day.

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Telling Me What to Do

I have a student’s parent that keeps telling me what to do in regards to her son. I know she is a caring mother but it comes at the expense of me.

I teach third and fourth grade. This student is a third grader who apparently did the third-grade reading last year with his second-grade teacher. She wanted her son to do the fourth-grade reading. That is fine but then next year I am supposed to teach three reading classes so that I can challenge this one student?

Today, I got an email and now she wants her student to do fourth-grade spelling because he did third-grade spelling last year. I don’t know how he could have done that because our school doesn’t have a spelling curriculum. We are on our own for spelling. That means creating the lists and assignments. And if he does fourth-grade spelling this year, does that mean next year I am supposed to find the time to do three spelling tests?

Then, she wants her child to be able to have a morning snack. I get that he is hungry by lunch time. But I never got a snack in elementary school. I think it is just a waste of time that I don’t have with teaching two grades. He will have to learn to eat a bigger breakfast.

I am tired of being told what to do. I am not a new teacher. In fact, I taught third and fourth grade at my last school.

Finding Gobi

Finding Gobi, by Dion Leonard, tells the true story of a dog found running in a race with a human in the Gobi Desert in China. The runners all took a liking to the dog but the dog attached herself to Dion. Dion lets the dog run with him in the race for several days but on the more difficult racing days, he leaves her with someone else with the intention of meeting them at the finish line. At the end of the race, he decides to adopt the dog he named Gobi. There is just one problem, however: He is in China but lives in Scotland. It will take a lot of money plus putting Gobi in a four-month quarantine. To make matters worse, after Dion leaves China to return to Scotland for a little while, Gobi disappears from the home where she was staying in China. Now, Dion must return to China to find his beloved Gobi and bring her home to Scotland forever.

I highly recommend this book for all young adult readers. This book captivates the reader with the story of Gobi running the race in the desert and then getting lost in China. The reader can sympathize with Dion when Gobi is unable to come home and then later gets lost. This book also has a strong message about determination and never giving up hope that the lost can be found.

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Family or Commitments?

On Saturday, my brother got married. Two of my cousins didn’t bother to show up for the wedding. One of my cousins has a photography business and had booked a wedding before this wedding was announced. She did show up to the reception, however. The thing that bothers me is that family doesn’t come first to her. Sure, she honors her commitments but she doesn’t honor her family. She never shows up to family events. My question though is whether it was rude for her to not show up to the wedding or whether she should have honored her previous commitments?

My Brother’s Wedding

My younger brother got married yesterday and it brought out a lot of feelings of jealousy that I don’t understand. I shouldn’t care that my younger brother got married. He is happy and I am not but that is not the point. I am lonely but I want friends, not a husband. I am not looking to ever get married.

One thing that made me jealous is that I was not part of the wedding. All of my brothers got to be groomsmen. Even the bride’s brother got to be a groomsman. But all the bridesmaids were the bride’s friends. And even though I have social anxiety and don’t like spending time with other people necessarily, however, I still was envious of all the fun and connections that I could not be a part of.

Next, I was jealous of all the attention that my brother was getting. There were pictures and congratulations and all his friends were there. I don’t know why I was jealous about getting attention because I hate getting attention most of the time. I like being ignored.

Also, I was jealous of the presents my brother was getting. And the thing is, things for the kitchen and the rest of the house are not gifts to be jealous about. I have most of what I need for my kitchen because of my grandma and her death.

I don’t understand these feelings and I definitely do not like them. However, I do not understand where they are coming from.

Social Anxiety

I suffer from social anxiety disorder and it stops me from getting out in the world and making friends. As lonely as I am, it is so hard to interact with people.

Now that I have moved to a new community, I have no friends. I look at every person I meet as a potential friend. And the invitation came the other night. I was invited to hang out with two other new teachers. The plan was to eat pizza and watch a movie.

Despite the nature of the activities, I did not want to go. My stupid anxiety was getting in the way. I kept trying to think of some excuse to get me out of the gathering but I did not want to appear rude. Plus, I wanted friends.

Last night, I went to the gathering and had a great time. I was there for almost six hours. I am glad I faced my anxiety and hung out with friends.

Gobi by Dion Leonard

Gobi, by Dion Leonard, takes place in the Gobi Desert and is about a lonely dog looking for friends. The dog hears a noise and decides to find out what it is. That is when she stumbles upon a race being held in the Gobi Desert. She meets up with Dion, one of the runners, and follows him throughout the seven-day race. Dion falls in love with the dog he later names Gobi. He even helps her across a raging river at one point during the race and lets her sleep with him at night. At the end of the race, Gobi and Dion both realize that they have found a friend for life.

I highly recommend this book to all young children. This story contains the message of friendship between a pet dog and a person which is something all pet owners can relate to. The pictures are awesome and really help share the message of love. This book is a must read for all dog lovers.

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In The Berenstain Bears Bless Our Gramps & Gran, by Mike Berenstain, Brother, Sister, and Honey are playing with their Noah’s ark play set but they are bored that rainy day. Papa suggests that the cubs get ready for Grandparents Day. However, they have no idea how to celebrate. The cubs start by thinking about how special Gramps and Gran are to them and all the things they do for them. The cubs decide that since Noah had a lot of grandchildren after the flood in order to repopulate the earth, they would write a story about Noah and all of his grandchildren and draw pictures as a gift for their grandparents.

This book has a very clear message: Grandparents are special because they can do so many interesting things as well as do different activities with their family. This message is made even clearer through the entertaining illustrations. I highly recommend this book to all young children as well as older fans of The Berenstain Bear books.

I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

Let’s Be Real Book Review

In Let’s Be Real, by singer and social media celebrity Natasha Bure, she writes about focusing on being the best person you can be by living an open and honest life. Life is tough, especially for teenagers in this busy and unpredictable world. There are so many expectations for teenagers and it is hard to be the best person possible and stay true to yourself with the stress of high school, friends, family, boys, and jobs. In the book, she focuses on topics such as friends, family, faith, relationships, beauty, and health to be the best person you can be. Living out your convictions and faith through your relationships with boys and friends and family is important to be the real you.

This book’s audience is for teenage girls, especially girls facing a tough high school career and trying to figure out where God plays into life and how to be the best possible person. The book has a strong message and I recommend this book to all Christian teenagers trying to figure their lives out by living an honest and true life. The message of this book is about living according to your convictions while staying strong in your faith with God and placing beauty, health, family, friends, and boys as priorities in your life.

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers. All ideas are my own.